The face testicular pain: Doctors find ultrasound image smiling back at themMove over grilled cheese Virgin Mary. Step aside bathroom door Jesus. When Canadian researchers recently conducted an ultrasound to examine a growth on a patient’s testicles, they expected to look at the mass, but didn’t expect the mass to be staring back.“It was almost like art coming out of this patient’s testicles,” said Dr. Naji Touma, an assistant professor of urology at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont. “It was an amusing finding.”

Look in the bottom right corner of the photo.


Justin Bieber facing paternity lawsuit from teenage fan after ‘backstage liaisonHaving based his showbiz success on a clean-living boy-next-door image, Justin Bieber is now facing accusations that he also has a darker side.The 17-year-old singer, who is dating pop sweetheart Selena Gomez, is facing a paternity lawsuit in California that accuses him of impregnating a fan after a brief sexual encounter backstage.The Canadian teen star’s representatives are calling the allegation “malicious, defamatory and demonstrably false.”Celebrity magazine Star, in its issue this week, reports that 20-year-old Californian Mariah Yeater claims Bieber is the father of her three-month-old baby.

why is it a “dark side” to be having sex? He isn’t portraying some party lifestyle, but its rediculous to think at teenage millionaire isn’t getting laid. What’s so dark about that?!
I suppose the dark side is the media spin, the attempt to shake the kid down in public by her, etc.
do a DNA test and get it over with.

Forget that guys name, but he was a rebel/warlord type guy who got killed by the Indian gov’t recently, right? I think I read his obit. in the Economist.
Am I on the right track?


Some new underground hip hop for ya

"rough as emory" — liked that line :)

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1. How many years do you consider to be a fair prison term for a woman who has an abortion?
2. How many years for a doctor who performs one?
3. Will the punishments be greater the second time around? 4. Where will the state get the money necessary to prosecute one-third of all American women for this crime?
5. Forty-two percent of women who have an abortion have incomes below 100 percent of the federal poverty level (that’s $10,830 for a single woman with no children, if you’re counting). When women are forced to have children they cannot afford to raise, will those children become wards of the state or simply new Medicaid recipients? Where will the state find the money necessary to support them?
6. Will you be willing to watch your wife die in front of you when her life is threatened by an unsafe pregnancy that no one is allowed to do anything about? Your daughter?
7. Will rapists have to pay child support to women who are forced to have their children?
8. Will the child of incest be in the custody of its rapist father or the father’s teenaged daughter, his mother? In fact, 18 percent of women who have an abortion in America are teenagers. Will they be required to drop out of high school to raise their children or will the state provide free childcare?
9. Will upper-class white women be prosecuted as vigorously as other women who have abortions?
10. You are aware that upper-class white women have abortions, aren’t you?
10 Questions for Anti-Choice Candidates : Ms Magazine Blog (via tryingtofollow)

Daaaaamn! Love to see one of these pop up at a GOP debate.

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Followup to Rowan


Rowan replied to my bell hooks post with the observation that she feels more suspicious of men who identify as feminist. I don’t think that’s unreasonable!

I think that trustworthiness is an admirable trait, but if someone went out of their way to pointedly mention all the time how trustworthy they are, it would be a red flag.

A man supportive of feminist movement should understand why he isn’t always seen as automatically heroic for lip service.

Toughen up, sensitive men like me!

whats up with bell hooks having no caps in her name? 

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nehru jackets: Rolling Stone Eminem Interview


How did you get clean? Did you go to meetings?
I tried some meetings – a couple of churches and things. It tended to not do me much good. People tried to be cool, but I got asked for autographs a couple of times. It made me shut down. Instead, I called a rehab counselor who’d helped me the…


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